Sked Anchor Slings , Extrication Strap, Adjustable Pickoff Strap, Webbing Ladder, Rescue Stirrups & Sam Splints


A hoisting or safety system is only as good as it's anchor. The Skedco Basic Anchor Sling is a cost effective sling made of 16,000 pound tensile strength webbing. It is 1.8 metres long with loops sewn on each end. It is a perfect utility strap suitable for many purposes.

When a heftier anchor sling is called for, Skedco offers our 7.5cm wide heavy duty anchor slings, which are made of 20,000 tensile strength webbing and are available in lengths of 2.4, 3.6 and 6 metre.

Catalogue # Description
SK-910 Skedco Basic Anchor Sling
SK-911-8 Skedco Heavy Duty Anchor Sling, 3" x 8 feet
SK-911-12 Skedco Heavy Duty Anchor Sling, 3" x 12 feet
SK-911-20 Skedco Heavy Duty Anchor Sling, 3" x 20 feet


The Skedco Extrication Strap is made of 2 inch wide seat belt webbing 16 feet long with two "D" rings sewn into one end. It is useful for vehicle extrication, patient restraint, as a fire hose strap, or a variety of other utility uses. Comes with storage pouch. Made in USA.

Catalogue # Description
SK-901 Skedco Extrication Strap


This useful strap enables a high angle rescuer to safely pick off a victim hanging on a rope or on a ledge. It allows the rescuer to disconnect the patient from his rope without having to cut it , which prevents shock loading and the use of knives on rope. Comes in a pouch with belt loop. Made in USA.

Catalogue # Description
SK-950 Skedco Adjustable Pickoff Strap


This six-step, 8 ft. long webbing ladder is available with or without an attached eleven loop daisy chain. Made of 6,000 pound tensile strength webbing, the ladder has a spreader bar through the top rung, making it easier to use than other ladders. A must for stretcher tenders in a hoist situation.

Catalogue # Description
SK-920 Skedco Webbing Ladder, no daisy chain
SK-921 Skedco Webbing Ladder, with daisy chain


This small, lightweight splint is handy for a wide variety of injury splinting, including the leg, arm neck, ankle, etc. It can replace many of the other splints that are customarily carried for emergency rescue. A detailed in-service video is also available. Available in blue/orange or grey. Made in USA.

Catalogue # Description
OP-2030 SAM Splint

NSN 6530-01-225-4681

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