Sked-Evac CSR Kit Confined Space Rescue System

Confined Space Rescue System

While most customers will want to select their own equipment to meet their specific needs, often it is useful to have a starting point which addresses the fundamental needs for confined space rescue. To that end, Skedco has combined what we believe to be essential items into a Confined Space Rescue (CSR) Kit. The customer is free to add or delete rescue items from the kit to acquire the appropriate equipment for their situation. Skedco recommends that competent rescue professional be consulted to address the specific requirements of any potentially hazardous environment. The Sked-Evac CSR Kit is available for hole depths of 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet, or can be custom ordered for any depth.

Each Sked-Evac CSR Kit includes:
SK-700 Sked-Evac Tripod
SK-701 Sked-Evac Tripod Bag
SK-200-OR SKED Basic Rescue System
SK-300-OR Oregon Spine Splint II
OP-2029 Multi fit Cervical Collar Kit
SK-720-xx Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit
2 Full Body Adjustable Rescue Harnesses
SK-740-xx Tag Line
SK-740-xx Belay Line
SK-920-12 Skedco 12' x 3" Anchor Sling
Continuous Loop Sling
Handled Ascender
SK-730 Skedco Ascending Stirrup
Rope Pad
6 additional Large Locking 'D' Steel Carabineers
SK-770-25 Skedco Sked-Evac CSR Kit, 25' depth
SK-770-50 Skedco Sked-Evac CSR Kit, 50' depth
SK-770-75 Skedco Sked-Evac CSR Kit, 75' depth
SK-770-100 Skedco Sked-Evac CSR Kit, 100' depth
Kits are available for hole depths of 25', 50', 75' and 100'. Skedco 4:1 Rescue System contains four times hole depth plus 30' of 1/2" PMI Rescue Rope. Tag and belay lines contain hole depth plus 25' of 1/2" PMI Rescue Rope. Replace xx with hole depth to designate kit preference. Hole depth should be determined by measuring from the top of the tripod to the bottom of the hole. Skedco reserves the right to substitute brand equals for items not identified by a catalogue number.

To place an order, please call  AU 0407 664 554 or 0407664554 NZ +61 407 664 554  Please e-mail us!

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