SRTE Descenders, SRTE Noworries Two Way Stop™ pat Descender & The BMS Delay 


These descenders are considered by many to be the finest handled descenders available on the market today. Made in Australia by SRT Equipment, they have a cast stainless steel handle, which provides the friction surface, and aluminium side plates. Available in single rope or double rope versions. Single stop versions are designed stop when the handle is released, with a controlled descent provided when the handle is squeezed. A double stop option is also available which will slow or stop the descent if the handle is either squeezed or released -- the perfect device for beginners who might panic. Designed for use with 9mm to 11mm rope. 12.5mm (1/2") versions and units with stainless steel side plates are available by special order.

Catalogue # Description
D1 SRTE Single Rope Single Stop Descender
D1DB SRTE Single Rope Double Stop Descender
D2 SRTE Double Rope Single Stop Descender
D2DB SRTE Double Rope Double Stop Descender


This device can be used on ropes up to 13 mm (1/2”). It is simple in design and extremely strong. It is designed for heavier loads (2 person). It has been tested with a 200 kg load that was dropped 1 meter on 1/2” rope from 3 different manufacturers. Each time the fall was arrested causing no visible damage to the ropes and no damage to the Noworries. For complete information and test results from SRTE, please contact us at Skedco.

Catalogue # Description
NW1 SRTE Noworries Two Way Stop
NW2 SRTE Noworries Belay Stop


This simple but ingenious device is unsurpassed when used as a belay device when raising or lowering a heavy load. Designed with heavy steel side plates and an aluminium core, it serves as a friction device to arrest a load if a primary hoisting system should fail. The rope wraps three times around the drum, which serves as a heat sink and friction surface. The drum is separated by two pins, which allow the rope to be wrapped without crossing over itself. The rope slides smoothly as long as slow, easy pressure is applied. Allows a 600 pound load to be caught with a single hand and held in place with 10-15 pounds of pull. Tested to failure at 15,000 lbs. Made in USA.

Catalogue # Description

To place an order, please call  AU 0407 664 554 or 0407664554 NZ +61 407 664 554  Please e-mail us!

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