CMC/Roco Rescue Harnesses 


Two of the leaders in the rescue industry have combined their technical knowledge and manufacturing skill to produce a line of industrial/rescue harnesses which set a standard by which other harnesses are measured. You will find no better harnesses available on the market today. All CMC/ROCO Harnesses are UL certified to the NFPA 1983 (1995) and ANSI 10.14 (1991) standards and are made in USA.

CMC/ROCO Combo Full-Body Harness

This Chest Harness and Seat Harness combination can be purchased separately or as a combination full body harness. The heavy duty padded construction makes this harness comfortable as well as versatile. The chest harness clips into the seat harness front and back. The seat harness meets NFPA Class II specifications, the combination NFPA Class III. One size fits most. Seat Harness 1.5 lb, combination 10.7 lb. Black & red

CMC/ROCO Full Body Harness

This one-piece design integrates all the advanced features of the ROCO industrial harness design into a quick-donning NFPA Class III Full Body harness. The wearer is held upright when suspended from the large back D ring. Lighter and more cost effective than the Combo harness. 5.5 lbs, black & red. Spreader bar may be attached to the shoulder rings for vertical lift.

Catalogue # Description
RC001 CMC/ROCO Seat Harness, padded
RC002 CMC/ROCO Chest Harness, padded
RC003 CMC/ROCO Combination Full Body Harness
RC004 CMC/ROCO Full Body Harness, padded


Robertson Industrial-Riggers Seat Harness

For industrial applications, this seat harness includes front and back D rings, as well as a D ring on each side. Meets ANSI, OSHA, CE and NFPA specifications. Made of 1 3/4", 6,500 lb webbing. Adjustable at the waist and legs. One size fits most. Compatible with chest harness and padding below.

Catalogue # Description
OP-2106 Robertson Industrial-Riggers Seat Harness

Robertson Industrial Full Body Harness

This full body harness includes a low front D ring and a high back D ring for vertical rigging. Meets ANSI, OSHA, CE and NFPA structural specifications. Optional shoulder D rings also available. Fully adjustable; one size fits most.

Robertson optional padding can improve the comfort of any of the seat or full body harnesses shown. Closed cell foam covered in tough cordura. One waist and two leg pads included in each set.

Catalogue # Description
OP-2107 Robertson Industrial Full Body Harness
OP-2107D Same as the OP-2107 w/shoulder D rings (as shown on picture above)
OP-2109 Robertson Harness Padding

Robertson Chest Harness Full Body Harness Combination

The Robertson Chest Harness attaches to the Pro-Rescue or Riggers seat harness to convert either one to a full body harness. It is shown connected with the Pro-Rescue Seat Harness at the Forged D-Ring.

Robertson Pro-Rescue Seat Harness

A quality utility seat harness which meets ANSI, OSHA, CE and NFPA structural specifications. Includes a D ring in the front and a V ring in the back. Made of 1 3/4", 6,500 lb. webbing. Adjustable at waist and legs; one size fits most. A cost effective seat harness suitable for many rescue and safety applications.

Catalogue # Description
OP-2105 Robertson Pro-Rescue Seat Harness
OP-2108 Robertson Chest Harness - D rings in front only
OP-2108B Robertson Chest Harness - D rings in front and back

Weinel Padded Technical Rescue Seat Harness

This is a rugged, comfortable seat harness. It features abrasion resistant padding that is colour coded for size. It matches up with the WTCH chest harness to make a full body harness. It meets NFPA & ANSI standards.

Weinel/Born Full Body Harness

This comfortable easy to don full body harness features a unique sliding yoke attachment point for fall protection, belay line and retrieval line connections when stopping a fall it slides up the shoulders and keeps you in an upright position. It also has a tri-link for front connection and many other features. Shoulder D rings are available. It meets NFPA & ANSI standards.

Catalogue # Description
WPTRS Weinel Padded Technical Rescue Seat Harness
WBBH Weinel/Born Full Body Harness

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