The HMD Sked Stretcher: a revolutionary concept in stretcher design

Product description
  • A rescue stretcher designed to perform rescues in a contaminated area, yet is light weight, durable, easy to use, and Decontaminable
  • Rolled up - 9 inch diameter x 36 inch length
  • Laid flat - 3 feet x 8 feet x .105 inches
  • 11 pounds with straps attached
  • Low density E-Z glide non-absorbing polyethylene plastic
Temperature range
  • Begins to melt 450 F to 500 F
  • Usability to 120 below zero without becoming brittle
System components
  • HMD Sked stretcher body
  • Removable strap set


This stretcher is designed for use in contaminated areas where it is difficult to manoeuvre because of the level "A" suits. It is easy to use and allows faster patient loading with less effort. Patients can be decontaminated while on the HMD Sked.

To place an order, please call  AU 0407 664 554 or 0407664554 NZ +61 407 664 554  Please e-mail us!

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