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Skedco believes that proper training, techniques and dedication to safety are critical for any type of rescue situation. To that end, we are pleased to offer publications from a variety of sources which are the most comprehensive and technically correct available today.

Cofined Space And Industrial Rescue Confined Space and Industrial Rescue

From the professionals at ROCO Rescue, a complete guide for technical rescue from man-made confined spaces and elevated structures, by Mike Roop, Richey Wright & Tom Vines. This book will serve as a manual as well as reference for the development and training of a technical rescue team. It provides a road map that includes step-by-step guidelines to assess needs and develop an action plan for success. The book details techniques which encompass safety, efficiency, and compliance with federal regulations. OP-R980
Confined Space Entry And Rescue Confined Space Entry and Rescue

Compiled by the staff at CMC Rescue, This book is approved by the California State Fire Marshal and the California Board of Fire Services for state certified confined space rescue courses. The book is a compilation of handouts and course material developed by CMC Rescue for their rescue courses taught around the country. Includes information on the many laws and current regulations for confined space entry; development of a rescue team; assessment and preparation for entry; organization of an emergency response; monitoring for and managing atmospheric and other hazards; rescue equipment; and patient transport. Quality paperback, 264 pages. OP-993214
CMC Rope Rescue Manual, 3rd Edition CMC Rope Rescue Manual, 3rd Edition

The official text-book for CMC rope rescue courses, this publication includes chapters on safety, knots, equipment, evacuations with and without stretchers, and case histories of common rescue situations. The more than 240 illustrations and photos take you step-by-step through lowering and raising systems, mechanical advantages, knot passes and reversing the system. Quality paperback, 180 pages. OP-993201
On Rope, 2nd Edition On Rope, 2nd Edition

By Allen Padgett, Bruce Smith and the National Speleological Society (NSS) Vertical Section. Excellent reference book on all aspects of vertical rope work. Strong background in vertical caving techniques with good reference information for anyone interested in single rope techniques. Lots of information on descenders, ascenders, rope, rigging, climbing systems, self rescue and more. over 400 illustrations. OP-080005
High Angle Rescue Techniques, 2nd Edition High Angle Rescue Techniques, 2nd Edition

This book by Steve Hudson and Tom Vines is subtitled "Student Guide for Rope Rescue Classes." It teaches basic rappelling and technical rescue techniques, and is currently used as a standard teaching text in many schools. Each chapter begins with a set of objectives and ends with a skills check and review questions. Published in 1998 by NASAR. 304 pages with over 500 photos and drawings. OP-080012

Search and Rescue Fundamentals Search and Rescue Fundamentals

Written by Donald Cooper, Robert Stoffel and Patrick LaValla. Covers the basic skills and knowledge to perform wilderness search and rescue missions. Basic SAR information with lots of illustrations, chart, and sample forms. Excellent place for SAR team members to start. paperback, 396 pages. OP-080013
Manual of U.S. Cave Rescue Techniques, 2nd edition Manual of U.S. Cave Rescue Techniques, 2nd edition

Produced by the National Cave Rescue Commission of the National Speleological Society. The definitive manual on U.S. cave rescue. Includes raising and lowering systems, remote area medical, cave search, rescue management and much more. OP-080002


Catalogue # Description
OP-R980 Confined Space and Industrial Rescue
OP-993214 Confined Space Entry & Rescue
OP-993201 CMC Rope Rescue Manual, 3rd Edition
OP-080002 Manual of U.S. Cave Rescue Techniques
OP-080005 On Rope, 2nd Edition
OP-080012 High Angle Rescue Techniques, 2nd Edition
OP-080013 Search and Rescue Fundamentals

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