SK-1010 SKEDCO HELITAG KIT (NSN 6545 0138 106 54)


Helicopter Tag Line Kit

The purpose of a tag line is to prevent dangerous litter spin which occurs when hoisting a litter by helicopter. This kit is designed prevent spin while preventing other problems normally associated with tag lines, such as tangled rope, deployment difficulties, and storage problems.

The Skedco Helitag Kit contains 250 feet of 7 mm water rescue rope. It has a polypropylene core with a nylon sheath which allows it to float in the water and have good abrasion resistance. Both ends have a figure 8 knot on a bight that is backed up with a double overhand knot for safety.

The rope is placed in a throw bag which has a closed cell foam disc in the bottom for extra flotation when used for water applications. The carry handle of the bag is an adjustable strap with a side release buckle to allow securing the kit in an aircraft. The bottom end of the bag has a grometted hole through which one end of the rope protrudes. This provides a hand loop for a victim in the water to grasp when a litter is not used, so that he or she can be towed in the water to a safe area. The other end of the rope has a loop with a screw link attached to allow a weak link to be utilized. Another screw link is then passed through the nylon weak link to secure the tag line to a V strap, which is attached to the two side grommets at the foot end of the Sked litter, or to the corners at the toot end of a Stokes basket litter, for safe hoisting.


To place an order, please call  AU 0407 664 554 or 0407664554 NZ +61 407 664 554  Please e-mail us!

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