Sked 4:1 Rescue Kit 


The Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit utilizes the Rescuemate, a double pulley, two large steel 'D' carabineers, the required amount of 1/2" PMI static kernmantle rescue rope, and a handy rope bag with a pocket for storing the pre-rigged system. It can be attached to an anchor and ready to use in seconds. When ordering your Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit, remember that the rope length is determined by using 4 times the distance from the tripod anchors to the bottom of the hole, plus 30 feet for tying knots, etc. Custom sizes can be fabricated on request.

Catalogue # Description
SK-720-25 Skedco 25' 4:1 Rescue Kit
SK-720-50 Skedco 50' 4:1 Rescue Kit
SK-720-75 Skedco 75' 4:1 Rescue Kit
SK-720-100 Skedco 100' 4:1 Rescue Kit


DynaMED Pty Ltd now offers " PMI Rescue Rope in a variety of lengths for use as belay and tag lines. Kits include rope and rope bag, and are available for hole depths of 25', 50', 75' and 100'. Kits contain enough rope for hole depth plus 25' for tying off. Measure hole depth from anchor point to the bottom of the hole.

Catalogue # Description
SK-740-25 Skedco Belay/Tag Line (25' hole, 50' rope)
SK-740-50 Skedco Belay/Tag Line (50' hole, 75' rope)
SK-740-75 Skedco Belay/Tag Line (75' hole, 100' rope)
SK-740-100 Skedco Belay/Tag Line (100' hole, 125' rope)

To place an order, please call  AU 0407 664 554 or 0407664554 NZ +61 407 664 554  Please e-mail us!

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